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Vietnamese villagers free some police held over land dispute

HANOI, vietnam adventure travel (AP) – Villagers have freed 15 riot police they were holding over a land dispute in the suburban district of adventure vietnam‘s capital and authorities were trying to persuade the villagers to free the 20 remaining police and local officials, state media said Tuesday.

The standoff began Saturday when police clashed with villagers who allege their land was illegally taken for sale by a military-run telecoms firm. Some villagers who were arrested have been released. The state-run online newspaper Vnexpress reported Tuesday that three of those being held had managed to escape.

The newspaper quoted Maj. Gen. Bach Thanh Dinh, deputy Hanoi police chief, as saying the release of the villagers was not a compromise with the instigators of the standoff who illegally held police and officials.

“We will handle everything in accordance with the law,” he said “Those who intentionally instigated, illegally detained people will be dealt with seriously.”

On Monday, Hanoi Mayor Nguyen Duc Chung talked via telephone with the villagers’ representatives and pledged to have direct talks with them the next day, according to lawyer Tran Vu Hai who helped to arrange the talk. The lawyer posted the pledge on his Facebook page but said Tuesday that Chung disputed it, indicating the talks would not go ahead.

“It’s his right,” the lawyer said.

State-run Tuoi Tre newspaper cited the Hanoi Communist Party Organization’s propaganda department as saying the land had been reserved to build a military airfield since 1980 and was recently given to military-run telecommunications company Viettel, the country’s largest mobile phone operator.

Viettel is to build a large project which is of “special significance on defense and security of the military and the country,” it said.

The paper said some villagers had illegally occupied some of the land given to Viettel to do their farming.

Land disputes are common in adventure vietnam, where residents often claim that their land was taken for infrastructure or other industrial or residential projects and they not properly compensated.

Balloon Loans For Car Purchases?

Balloon loans have become a familiar concept for those who have at least analyzed applying for a home mortgage loan. However, not everybody knows that there are also balloon loans for car purchases which can provide you advantageous terms and make your monthly payments affordable enough almost for everyone. Read on to discover the advantages and drawbacks of this car loan type.

Though almost everybody knows how balloon loans work, it is always smart to reexamine the concept so as to have the variables implied fresh to analyze how they work on car loans. Thus, we will give a short explanation on balloon loans and then, well analyze how balloon loans can help you afford a car purchase and in which situations it is advisable to resort to car balloon loans.

Balloon loans explained

A balloon loan is a loan that has monthly payments that are not set up to repay the loan in full when the loan repayment program ends. Instead, when the loan schedule has ended, the borrower has to make a balloon payment which is larger than the rest of the payments and cancels the whole loans principal so until then, the loan isnt fully paid off.

Balloon loans help keep the monthly payments low as they usually include interests only or maybe a small portion of the balance. Thus, when the final balloon payment is due, the balance of the loan usually equals the loans principal or is well close to it. This particularity makes balloon loans useful for certain situations or when the purpose is to eventually sell whatever has been bought with the loans money.

Consequences on Car Loans

Balloon loans are a good alternative when you cant afford the monthly payments on a regular car loan. The affordability of balloon car loans monthly balloons over bagan payments is excellent and lets almost anyone to obtain finance to purchase a car. However, the problem comes when you need to make that balloon payment at the end of the repayment program. If you cant afford it, youll loose the vehicle and damage your credit.

Why do we say that car loans of the balloon type can be advantageous then? Because, if used correctly, the cost to you can equal almost nothing. If you are one of those who likes to change cars every now and then (i.e. every five years at most), balloon loans can be an excellent tool for you. By using balloon loans you can get a car, use it for five years owning it and paying monthly payments even lower than rent installments.

The idea is quite simple: You purchase a vehicle with a balloon car loan, you use your car for up to 75% of the loans repayment schedule and then you put it for sale. Hopefully, before the balloon payment is due, youll have completed the sale and canceled the loan in full. Then, you can take another balloon loan to purchase your new vehicle. Its cheap and viable, the only problem is that you have to make sure that the car is sold before the balloon payment is due or else, youll have to obtain the money to cancel the loan or refinance it.

2 Of the Best Places to Visit on Your Tour to Myanmar

best time to visit myanmarOn your tour to Myanmar (previously known as Burma), you will love the hospitality of the Burmese people, explore some stunning temple ruins, enjoy Burmese cuisine and so much more. Over the last few years, Myanmar has become a hot destination among travelers. But as the country has opened its door to travelers just recently, traveling to this country can make you encounter challenges. That’s because, tourism in Myanmar is in the developing process.

There are several places that you must visit during your trip to Myanmar, however, here we will explore about the two most famous places in the country.


If you would like to visit an ethnically diverse place in Myanmar, then Mandalay is the right choice for you. It is the second largest city of Myanmar that you should visit, where you can explore the second biggest pilgrimage site, known as “Maha Myat Muni Paya”. Other than this, you can go to Sandamuni Paya (based at the foot of Mandalay Hill). You can find several various temples and monasteries at Mandalay hill.

If you want to make your Mandalay Holiday a truly spectacular one, then make sure to have good knowledge about the place. Simply put, know about what all you can explore in this city. This will help save your best time to go to myanmar in finding the right places to visit in the city.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is probably the most majestic place in Myanmar. You will certainly love seeing floating gardens, especially the floating market where trade is carried on in small boats. You can purchase handmade goods and products like ornamental objects, tools, carvings etc. from the local market.

You can take a boat to explore the sights on the water which cost you about $20. In order to make your Inle Lake Holiday a splendid one, you can hire a travel agency who will take you to some of the best time to go myanmar spots you should visit while traveling to Inle Lake. The views of the communities living in and around the Inle Lake for generations is quite fascinating.

Myanmar has many hidden gems in the form of temples, pristine beaches, mountains and a lot more. When traveling to Burma, you will feel as if you have stepped back into the past. There is a lot more to explore in the country than you can actually imagine. However, reading this post will help you gain a basic insight on the two most visited places in the country: Mandalay and Inle Lake.

Fortunately a lot of travel companies are springing up that help provide some really exciting deals to cater for travelers. However, it would be better best time to go to myanmar choose a tour agency that also provides custom tours to Myanmar. That’s because, hiring such a company will give freedom to plan your itinerary, including places you want to visit in Myanmar and resorts where you want to stay. Make sure best time to go to myanmar select the travel agency carefully if you want to make your trip to Burma a pleasant one.

Dual infant strollers

troller For those physical fitness minded parents who have two kids, double child running baby strollers are a must have baby device. Not only are you able to run with your community or with a country lane, however you could likewise take your youngsters with you. Here are the 3 suggestions to acquiring tandem jogging infant strollers and also just what variables to think about to obtain you began.

double troller1. Be mindful of where you mean to run

There are certain kinds of baby strollers that are constructed for particular roadways so where you mean to jog issues a terrific deal. Front wheels that swivel are best suited for urban environments as they permit for greater maneuverability and repaired front wheels are best for rough terrains for far better stability.

There are two types of double jogging baby troller strollers. Maybe the most usual are the ones where the seats are side by side however this existing a trouble as it could be difficult to go with grocery store aisle.

Once you have actually picked the style and also kind of infant stroller that you will get, you then require to make sure that it has safety features. Strollers with harness are a must in order to maintain the infant securely in area as well as padded seats are vital to give added comfort. Make certain that the hand brake is in an area for very easy access need to you need to make fast stops.

Before jogging strollers, several parents often found it tough to obtain beyond their residences without fretting concerning their child. These have to have infant devices allow for better self-reliance and wheelchair for parents needing their daily exercise.

For those physical fitness minded parents that have 2 kids, dual infant running baby strollers are a need to have infant device. There are two kinds of dual jogging strollers. Baby strollers with safety and security harnesses are a has to in order to maintain the infant strongly in location and also cushioned seats are vital to provide additional convenience.

6 Significant benefits of Online Booking Engine to Travel Intermediaries

tour operator in vietnam earlier days, when the Internet and technology was an unheard term, travelling was a major concern for people, and travel agents have very few ways to communicate and reach out to their potential customers.

vietnam ground tourBut long gone are those days since travel technology’s revolutionary invention of online booking engine that has traveling a piece of cake for travelers and travel agents to increase their visibility and sales with multiple effective ways to interact with travelers. Here are some of the widely experienced benefits of choosing an online booking engine for travel intermediaries.

Provide simplicity tour operator in vietnam online booking: Travel agents want their customers to book hotels, flights and other means of travel easily and swiftly. An Internet booking engine that fulfills all the requirements and preferences of the end user allows better way to open lines of communication between the two that brings sales and contribute tour operator in vietnam the growth of the company.

Give real time hotel information: Hotel reservations are subject to availability of the rooms, which keeps on changing every passing moment. With a high quality Online booking engine, you can provide your customer real time hotel information to help them make the best decision while reserving a hotel room.

Effective Flight booking system: Give your business a greater height by providing a flexible and highly convenience flight booking system that allows the customer to book preferred flights within few clicks. Give them a system that help them search for affordable flights between two stations and reserve it on the go.

Provide instant confirmation to guests: Another advantage ofonline booking engine for travel intermediaries is they can provide their customers with real time confirmation of their flight and hotel bookings anytime of the day. It would save the user from constantly checking records or confirm the booking by calling the hotel or flight provider.

Enjoy easy and punctual sales transactions: With Internet booking engine, you are saved from direct and irritating communication via phone, email, fax and other mediums with your guests to provide necessary information. All the information would be provided to the customer through one online shop that will give prompt sales.

Offer discounts for enhanced sales: Furthermore, Online booking engine flights and hotels help travel intermediaries aware their potential customers about ongoing offers and discounts to catch their eyes and urge them to purchase the deal. It is a widely acknowledge method to attract customers by sending their latest offers on flights and hotels through emails and messages. This also helps the customer to create, customize and book a complete holiday package at a price, which can’t be found elsewhere.


Within few days of an unsuccessful United States attempt to pass a United Nations Security Council censure motion Myanmar’s military regime India has reiterated that the issue of democracy and human rights in Myanmar is “an internal matter” of that country. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee when he recently visited Myanmar. The Minister said India had to deal with governments “as they exist … We are not interested in exporting our own ideology. We are a democracy and we would like democracy to flourish everywhere. But this is for every country to decide for itself.” The reasons for this are many.

The minister himself made the importance of Myanmar clear when he said, “Myanmar is our only neighbour which is also a member of ASEAN. So our relationship is very much in keeping with India’s `Look East’ policy.”

After the fiasco on the Iranian pipeline issue India has been looking desperately for alternative Pipelines to fulfill her energy needs. She has been trying two new areas for this; one is the Turkmenistan -Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline and the other one is the India-myanmar best beaches -Bangladesh pipeline initially but now the Myanmar-India pipeline after Bangladesh issued fresh conditions to it.

Earlier when Brigadier General Lun Thi, Minister of Energy, Myanmar came to Delhi in may 2006 the petroleum and natural gas minister Mr Mani shankar Aiyer said, “the techno-commercial group would examine possibility of laying the pipeline bypassing Bangladesh and importing natural gas through ships in its liquefied (LNG) or compressed (CNG) form.” Mr Aiyar said, “the possibility of taking the pipeline from Myanmar into Mizoram and onwards to Assam and culminating in West Bengal, a distance of 1,400 km, would be explored. This route is roughly double the length the pipeline would travel if it were to pass through Bangladesh.”

As part of the overall package of hydrocarbon sector cooperation between the two countries, India in may 2006 approved an extension of credit line of $20 million to myanmar beaches for renovation of Thanlyin Refinery. India’s state-run ONGC Videsh and GAIL hold a 30 percent stake in A-1 and A-3 in the Shwe & Shwe Phyu and Mya fields. The blocks together hold an in-place reserve of 20 trillion cubic feet and can produce 2 billion cubic feet (56.6 million standard cubic meters per day) of gas for 25 years as per the estimates of UK-based Gaffney Cline and Associates. The proposed cost of the pipeline would be Rs 8,500-crores from Myanmar to India.

It was after all the serious level of groundwork that many high level visits have taken place between the two countries in the last couple of months. Mr. Mukherjee’s visit comes after a series of high-level bilateral political and military exchanges between the two sides beginning with the October 2004 visit to India by Senior General Than Shwe, head of Myanmar’s military-run Government, and the March 2006 visit to Yangon of President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Followed by the visit of General Thura Shwe Mann, third in the official hierarchy of the State Peace and Development Council to India and also that of the Myanmar Home Minister Maung Oo. Besides the economic and oil cooperation India off late is courting Mynamar for many other reasons.

Defense cooperation between the two countries is gradually gaining ground. The importance the two countries accord to defense ties can be judged from the fact that all three Indian armed forces’ chiefs have visited Myanmar in 2006 and Gen Thura Shwe Mann, the Joint Chief of Staff of the Myanmar Armed Forces – and tipped to succeed Gen Than Shwe as the junta’s leader in the country was also in delhi in 2006. India is keen on promoting naval ties with myanmar best beaches, especially with a view to contain the Chinese efforts to gain access to the Bay for the landlocked part of its south as to allow this could be strategically and economically harmful for Indian interest in the long run in terms of South and South East Asia.

“In addition to providing training to Myanmar armed forces personnel, India is helping build border infrastructure. In particular, a project to link Sittwe port to Mizoram through a 160 km waterway and a 65 km road link is in the pipeline”, said the external affairs minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee. Building infrastructure in Myanmar is with the aim of expanding bilateral trade, linking up India’s landlocked northeastern states to the Bay of Bengal and developing a road link connecting India to the entire mainland South-East Asia.

In addition Anti-Terror mechanism has been on a high agenda in talks between the two sides in the last couple of months. According to the Intelligence Bureau Ulfa and both factions of the NSCN currently have bases in Myanmar. Though denied by the Indian officials the external affairs minister did take up the issue of ULFA with the Myanmar side. Myanmar is also troubled with several internal insurgencies; including the Karen insurgency as such the two countries are keen to enhance anti-terror cooperation.

Thus looking into India’s own economic, strategic and military compulsions it is important for India to cooperate with Myanmar and it is also in the Burmese interest to court India as it could enhance its dismal democratic and human rights track record at the global level.

Australia: Mozambique debris likely from Malaysia jet

FILE – In this Monday, March 21, 2016, a part of a plane is photographed in Mossel Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa. The part which may be part of a plane engine has been found on the southern coast of South Africa and will be checked to see if it belongs to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished two years ago, Malaysian Tranport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Tuesday, March 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Neels Kruger, File)

SYDNEY (AP) – Two pieces of debris recently discovered along the coast of Mozambique are “highly likely” to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Australian and Malaysian officials said Thursday.

An analysis of the parts by an international investigation team showed both pieces are consistent with panels from a Malaysia burma airlines myanmar airlines Boeing 777 aircraft, Transport Minister Darren Chester said in a statement.

“The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370,” Chester said.

The dimensions, materials and construction of both parts conform to those of a 777, and the paint and stenciling on both parts match those used by Malaysia Airlines, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said in a separate statement.

The discovery of the two pieces provides another piece of the puzzle into the plane’s fate, and bolsters authorities’ assertion that the plane went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean. But whether the debris can provide any clues into exactly what happened to the aircraft and why is uncertain.

United chief met Chinese officals over dragged passenger

By Alana Wise

vietnam adventureNEW YORK, April 18 (Reuters) – The head of United Airlines met with the Chinese consulate in Chicago over the possible impact to bookings from a customer being dragged off a plane but it was too early to tell if business in China had been hit by the event, the company said.

In the carrier’s first quarter earnings call, United again apologized repeatedly for the incident in which Dr. David Dao was dragged from his seat on a United flight to make room for crew members.

adventure activities in vietnam Dao accused officials of discriminating against him for being Chinese before he was hauled off the plane, according to a fellow passenger. Social media users across the United States, active travel vietnam and China called for a boycott of the airline over the incident.

United has about 20 percent of total U.S.-China traffic and a partnership with Air China, the country’s third-largest airline, according to analysts.

“It’s really too early for us to tell anything about bookings, and in particular last week because it’s the week before Easter. That’s normally a very low booking period,” United President Scott Kirby said on the call.

Shares of United Continental Holdings Inc were down 4.12 percent in afternoon trading, despite earnings that outperformed analyst expectations on several key metrics.

On the call, Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz said he would have “further conversations with customers and related governmental officials” in an upcoming trip to China that had been planned prior to the incident. United did not say when Munoz met with the Chinese consulate officials.

United Flight 3411 was the subject of intense global scrutiny last week when Dao, a paying customer, was selected to be involuntarily bumped from his seat.

Dao’s attorney said it was likely he would sue over the incident, in which Dao lost two front teeth, broke his nose and suffered a concussion. Dao emigrated to the United States from vietnam adventure holidays. A spokeswoman for his attorney could not confirm Dao’s ethnicity. (Reporting by Alana Wise; Editing by Andrew Hay)

At Thailand veggie festival, only flesh of the devout harmed

In this Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015, photo, a devotee has his cheek pierced with a bicycle as he and others walk in a street procession in Phuket, Thailand. The annual Vegetarian Festival and its accompanying sacred rituals are believed to bestow good fortune on those who practice the religious rites. During the nine day festival in Phuket Town and surrounding communities which are made up mainly of Chinese descendants, residents observe a strict vegetarian or vegan diet that is believed to cleanse the body and grant merit. Sacred rituals where men and women devotees known as “Mah Song” or “Spirit Horses”, work themselves into trances to have all manner of knives, daggers, swords or other items pierced through their cheeks. It is believed myanmar tours that they experience no pain while in the trance. (AP Photo/David Longstreath)

PHUKET, Thailand (AP) – Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival is more than sprouts and tofu – it’s an assault on the senses, and for the most devout, on the body itself.

The most striking element of the nine-day Taoist celebration has little to do with food. In sacred rituals, devotees known as “Mah Song” or “Spirit Horses” work themselves into trances to have all manner of items pierced through their cheeks, from daggers and swords to a bicycle. Then they dance as massive strings of fireworks explode all around them.

The annual festival in Phuket has become a tourist attraction, with several large, noisy processions complete with fireworks, myanmar tours gongs and drums passing through the streets. Many Phuket residents have Chinese ancestors, and devotees to the many Chinese temples on the island parade their shrines’ emperor gods on hand-carried carriages.

The Vegetarian Festival begins on the eve of the ninth lunar month myanmar tours of the Chinese calendar and is observed primarily in Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and HIT Myanmar. It traces its origins to the early 1800s, when a troupe of Chinese actors on tour in Phuket fell ill. It was decided that they should abstain from eating meat and soon all were well again.

The festival and its sacred rituals are believed to bestow good fortune. Devotees observe a strict vegetarian or vegan diet that is believed to cleanse the body and grant merit. It is believed that those who endure piercings experience no pain while in the trance.

Exploration has led to many discoveries which are cherished by the world even today

vietnam tour 10 daysExploration has led to many discoveries which are cherished by the world even today. Living a mundane life isn’t a first for anybody living on this globe. The spirit to wander and experience something new has the power to draw attention of many. Infact the world outside indeed is a beautiful place to explore and soak in its colours. One doesn’t need to be a daredevil for this act but just needs to gather few things together and go on a mission to see the unseen. It is a beautiful feeling to meet new people and spend time amidst a new environment. Taking some time out from the stressful life to appreciate nature and its offering is indeed a wonderful exercise. It has been found out that people who travel often remain happier than those you don’t.

With so much to experience what is it that is holding you behind? Get ready to relax your nerves and witness something extraordinary. If you are worrying about how would is it possible to arrange all the travel requirements then put such thoughts at bay. Numerous travel agencies which have established themselves quite brilliantly are working very hard 10 day tour of vietnam and night to make sure their clients receive the best of everything. Right from tickets to getting to know the place, they leave no stone unturned to create a kingdom of memories. Infact many offer customised tours so that people feel at home even in a foreign land.

Vietnam is a paradise which has so much to offer that one is bound to be mesmerised. It is a country with vibrant natural landscapes and a rich history which is enriching as well as enticing. You will find yourself getting lost in its myriad of offering and is not at all touristy. It is home to beautiful mountains with colourful and rich culture hill tribes, beaches which are considered best in the world and to top it all there are several UNESCO World Heritages. Choose among the various packages such as Vietnam Luxury Tours to have an extraordinary experience. Be it the mountains they want to visit or the beaches, their wish is the command of the 10 day tour of vietnam companies. Vietnam 10 day tour of vietnam Company leads their visitors to experience which is so unique to the country. Visitors can experience the richness in culture which is so much soaked with tradition. The warmth of the people has a unique appeal to itself despite the fact the cultures are diverse. One will find inspiring landscapes are around every corner and this all things together make a brilliant happy picture.

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