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How Burma Holiday Can be Soul Stirring

Inundated with cathartic historical value and mystic, Myanmar is a country of spellbinding virtues. Also known as Burma, It happens to be the home to some of the most ancient civilizations of the world.

Burma’s roots in history is its most luresome attraction for the tourists who love to hear about the legends (like those of the 11th century based Pagan Empire) as much as they like to see the beautiful vista that surrounds the country. The rich cultural diversity is the product of this rich history and it further makes this country enthralling for the travellers who come in hordes to witness the place in its bare bones.

If Burma Holiday inle lake trekking is on your itinerary, then make sure you do not miss out on following places at any cost:

Shwedagon Paya

For a dose of sacred-travel, Shwedagon Paya is your pick. At a length of as huge as 325 feet, this structure is dazzling with gold leaf of mind boggling 27 metric tons. If that doesn’t leave you awed, nothing else can. This place is the pleasure dome of a multitude of tourists who have been influenced by this legendary structure to keep revisiting Burma and Yangon in particular.

inle trekking Lake

Any tour to Myanmar is complete without a visit to the inle lake trekking Lake. Enchanting, enthralling and enriching, this lake brings out all the charisma with its length of 13.5 miles. The concoction of crystal clear water and stirring marshes holds your attention and doesn’t let go of the hold. Not for even a second. The resemblance to a silver sheet is what makes this lake stand out from what you may have been used to seeing with lakes all across the world.

Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock)

If you feel you haven’t been mind boggled enough, then a trip to Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) will complete the formality. Kyaiktiyo is a remarkable boulder stupa that occupies the top spot on the to-visit-Burma list of tourists. Again, this is inundated with golden leaves that give it an earth shatteringly great effect. When you are looking to visit Kyaiktiyo, you might as well choose the excursion that takes you between Yangon and the Golden Rock. If you are still looking for some more conclusive Travel information for Myanmar, consulting some travel agencies is advised.

When it comes to climate, Burma is again a place to be at. It does not have extreme climates and if you are looking for a cooler experience, the northern regions of Myanmar will make you feel great.

Another attractions of Myanmar is its amazingly preserved wildlife. And this is one good that comes out of its not so great economic growth. Thanks to the modern day civilization not affecting it to such a great extent, the gems in this country have been left virtually untouched. And among them, its ecosystem stands tall. Almost half of the country is covered by tropical growth and teak. As for the animals, you can catch ample glimpse of wild buffalo, rhinoceros, antelope and inle lake trekking so on.

So, wait no more and witness the Burma magic for yourself.