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Myanmar Holiday for that Once in a Lifetime Experience

If you are eyeing to visit a place that is slick and chrome, and beaming with sophistication and is a model for advancement, then Myanmar is not the place for you. If you, however, are hoping for a holiday that is clos to nature, and close to the rich cultural heritage and history, then there is no better place than Burma for you.

Myanmar, a country of many historic wonders, invites tourists from every inch of the globe who come here in large numbers just to feel cathartic and be overwhelmed by the culture of this country. This is hardly surprising since Myanmar is one of those countries in the world that have not been totally altered by modernity as yet. It has preserved its relics, its ancient architecture and so on over centuries. There is so much to explore and so many legends for which there are tangible testaments that you will never feel you have been sold a dummy once you set your foot in this country. All the homilies you have heard about this place happen to be well and truly authentic.

And nature has left its footprints, rather more than just footprint, in Myanmar. The Inle Lake holiday is a prime example of the same. One of the most scenic places on planet earth, and definitely an eye pleaser, Inle Lake resembles a silver sheet expanding over a vast area. The water is crystal clear and it really feels like spending endless hours at the bank. The place is meant to leave you speechless, and it does exactly that. You can find yourself enamored by its natural beauty that is hard to shrug off.

If you still however wants to experience the city life in Myanmar, then Mandalay is just about the perfect place you can land in. the second largest city in the country, Mandalay boasts of some of the finest attractions. The Mandalay palace is the place to be at. The royalty if this palace is there to be felt.

Even the ruins of the palace are intriguing, though those are the result of the World War 2. once you are in Myanmar, the accommodation is the last thing you have to worry about. The place boasts some of the most luxurious hotels you can see, and it boasts of them in a plentiful dosage. The climate of the city is also much to the liking of the residents and tourists alike. January happens to be the best time to travel in myanmar best time to travel in myanmar to visit the place since the average temperature at this time of the year hovers around 20 degree celsius. A Mandalay holiday can thus be a wholesome experience.

So, pack your bags right away if you are already contemplating. Myanmar is not a place that should be competing with other places on your to-visit-places list. Just book your flight to the country to be left spellbound by its unending charm. Even those the “once in a lifetime experience” is a hackneyed catchphrase, with myanmar best time to visit, it surely will be a once in a lifetime experience for you.