United chief met Chinese officals over dragged passenger

By Alana Wise

vietnam adventureNEW YORK, April 18 (Reuters) – The head of United Airlines met with the Chinese consulate in Chicago over the possible impact to bookings from a customer being dragged off a plane but it was too early to tell if business in China had been hit by the event, the company said.

In the carrier’s first quarter earnings call, United again apologized repeatedly for the incident in which Dr. David Dao was dragged from his seat on a United flight to make room for crew members.

adventure activities in vietnam Dao accused officials of discriminating against him for being Chinese before he was hauled off the plane, according to a fellow passenger. Social media users across the United States, active travel vietnam and China called for a boycott of the airline over the incident.

United has about 20 percent of total U.S.-China traffic and a partnership with Air China, the country’s third-largest airline, according to analysts.

“It’s really too early for us to tell anything about bookings, and in particular last week because it’s the week before Easter. That’s normally a very low booking period,” United President Scott Kirby said on the call.

Shares of United Continental Holdings Inc were down 4.12 percent in afternoon trading, despite earnings that outperformed analyst expectations on several key metrics.

On the call, Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz said he would have “further conversations with customers and related governmental officials” in an upcoming trip to China that had been planned prior to the incident. United did not say when Munoz met with the Chinese consulate officials.

United Flight 3411 was the subject of intense global scrutiny last week when Dao, a paying customer, was selected to be involuntarily bumped from his seat.

Dao’s attorney said it was likely he would sue over the incident, in which Dao lost two front teeth, broke his nose and suffered a concussion. Dao emigrated to the United States from vietnam adventure holidays. A spokeswoman for his attorney could not confirm Dao’s ethnicity. (Reporting by Alana Wise; Editing by Andrew Hay)

Trump sends letter to Vietnam’s president to promote ties

By My Pham

HANOI, April 1 (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump has written to Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang to promote more cooperation between the two countries, the government website cited Quang as saying.

vietnam adventure and the United States had advanced ties to a new level under the Obama administration amid a dispute with China over South China Sea issues, while Trump has also expressed his hope for a stronger relationship.

Trump sent a letter to Quang “affirming his wishes to promote cooperation on economics, trade, regional and international issues”, the Vietnamese government website said.

Quang made the remarks during a meeting with the U.S. ambassador to active travel vietnam on Friday.

Quang emphasized that Vietnam welcomes U.S. efforts to improve cooperation with countries in the region to maintain the freedom of navigation and aviation.

U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius was reported as saying that Trump is considering attending the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in active travel vietnam this year.

active travel vietnam had been expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal which Trump pulled the U.S. out of in January, but Hanoi has also been building links with the United States amid a maritime dispute with China.

China claims most of the South China Sea, while Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei claim parts of the sea that commands strategic sea lanes and has rich fishing grounds along with oil and gas deposits.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said last month he was ready to visit the United States to promote ties, particularly trade. (Reporting by My Pham; Editing by Kim Coghill)

Vietnam govt to prosecute Formosa protesters, toughening stance

HANOI, April 10 (Reuters) – vietnam adventure‘s government said on Monday it would prosecute protesters who last week blocked the country’s main highway, taking a tougher stance against a string of protests over the country’s worst environmental disaster.

About 100 people blocked Highway 1A a week ago with fishing nets, bricks and stones, holding up thousands of vehicles, the government said in a statement. It said those identified would be prosecuted for “causing public disorder”.

The protest at the town of Ky Anh was against the steel mill being built by Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Corp’s adventure vietnam unit. The $11 billion Ha Tinh plant last year accidentally spilled toxic waste that polluted more than 200 km (125 miles) of coast, sparking a wave of protests not seen during four decades of Communist Party rule.

Activists fear the mill could soon resume operations after the environment ministry announced the facility had met the necessary conditions to start test runs.

“Although Ky Anh authorities asked the crowd to disperse, some people swore, insulted officials and threw stones at the forces,” said the government in a statement, adding that the police adventure activities in vietnam were investigating those involved.

Authorities warned it would enforce tough measures against any future gatherings in the area, the government said.

Those found guilty could face vietnam adventure travel fines, government re-education programmes or jail terms.

On Saturday, the government uploaded a video confession by Nguyen Van Hoa, a blogger prosecuted for publishing contents that the government said were against the state and the ruling party. In the video, he apologised and asked for forgiveness for selling his conscience and his country. (Reporting by Mai Nguyen; Editing by Matthew Tostevin and Randy Fabi)

What You Can Do as a Volunteer in Vietnam

adventure activities in vietnamOne of the popular volunteer destinations in Asia is Vietnam. It is a charming country where old and modern traditions meet. It is a country where you can find more than 500 pagodas and temples some of which are located amidst its dazzling cities. And there are more sites to explore in active travel vietnam.

But whats in it for you if you volunteer in vietnam adventure travel? What can you do to make your stay worthwhile?
If you volunteer in Vietnam, there is a wide range of choices for you when it comes to volunteer placements. What you can do in Vietnam largely depends on your placement.

Popular Volunteer Placements in Vietnam
1. Centers for disabled children A number of centers for physically challenged children are spread throughout the country and these centers have become a popular destination for volunteers. Most of these centers operate on their own with little support from the government. Most of them lack human resources to provide adequate attention to the children they care for. If you volunteer in Vietnam for this program placement, you can help fill in the need.

2. Orphanages Orphanages is another popular project placement among volunteers. Although volunteering in active travel vietnam in an orphanage can pose a lot of challenges, still this type of project placement remains attractive because of the equally rewarding experiences it offers. For one, it allows volunteers to be around lively and energetic children, an experience that can give true happiness. Volunteer work Vietnam in orphanages mostly involves providing daily support for children like helping them in their school, providing entertainment activities, and other mundane tasks.

3. Schools Volunteer work Vietnam that involves teaching are mostly placed in kindergarten, primary, or secondary schools. Volunteers will normally be involved in teaching English to students. In Vietnam, knowledge and skill in conversational and written English can help a person land a good job. School placements are open to volunteers even those who are not teachers by profession.

4. Healthcare facilities Another placement that has the most number of volunteers is healthcare facilities. However, volunteer work Vietnam placed in these facilities is normally open only for volunteers with experience or education in the medical field such as nurses, dentists, doctors, midwives, and others. The experience volunteers will have in working at healthcare facilities can help them practice and deepen their knowledge in their profession.

As a volunteer, Vietnam is well worth your time. There are just a lot of things that you can do as a volunteer in Vietnam. You can serve, help, inspire, motivate, and give your time and energy to the disabled, orphaned, less privileged children, and the sick in the country.
While volunteering in Vietnam, you can also add exploring to the list of things that you can do in the country. active travel vietnam is a magnificent place worth exploring. From its majestic mountains, beautiful landscapes, serene beaches to its busy streets, there are many different activities that you can do in this country.